Verity Pettit is a level 2 English Chess Federation coach.

Our chess club currently operates at Hampton Hill Junior School for ages 7-11.

Our chess club warmly welcomes every ability and strives to foster a love of chess in them for life. We aim to give them not just the skills to play, but the skills to lose, to cope with disappointment, to commiserate and congratulate, to find ambition to succeed for themselves as well as to take part nicely within a team, to share their chess knowledge as they progress and have confidence in their choices. In school, in any term, each child will play many different opponents, notate the solutions to many different puzzles, and will receive interactive teaching on different topics.

ChessMates and all the chess children at Hampton Hill are proud to have received a 2020 British Chess Educational Trust award. This annual award is given to schools that have shown outstanding achievements or enthusiasm in chess.

Verity and Award Award

ECU101 coaching certificate